View of Baltra Island from the airplane window

Fausto Llerena Breeding Center trail in the Charles Darwin Research Station

A Galapagos Tortoise at the Charles Darwin Research Station

The Santa Cruz bay tour departs from this dock

The Aqua View or Glass Bottom Boat is the boat of preference for the bay tour in Santa Cruz Island

During the bay tour you can jump in the water to snorkel, adventure in the lava rocks for a hike or just relax and enjoy the boat ride

Snorkeling with sea lions in "La Loberia" is one of the best attractions of the bay tour in Santa Cruz Island



1st Day


Transfer to the hotel and lunch. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station or "La Estación" (as the locals call it). In "La Estación" the "Fausto Llerena Breeding Center" is found, which was home to the legendary Lonesome George. He was the last tortoise remaining of his species (Chelonoidis nigra abingdonii). Lonesome George was found in Pinta Island in 1971, the human introduction of goats and the hunting of Pinta Island tortoises had almost brought this species to extinction in 1971. Lonesome George was transferred to the Charles Darwin Research Station in Santa Cruz Island in 1972 with the hope to mate it with closely related species. Unfortunately, no viable eggs were produced. Lonesome George died on June 24, 2012.

The Charles Darwin Research Station is an incredible place to learn about the Galápagos Islands history, flora, and fauna. While hiking around "La Estación" you can observe Galápagos Tortoises in their different life stages.
After hiking around the Charles Darwin Research Station a crystal clear water beach awaits for you, perfect for snorkeling and resting from the hike.


2nd Day


Morning: Santa Cruz Island bay tour on board the Aqua View, the "Glass Bottom Boat." Among the bay tour activities are snorkeling with sea lions in "La Lobería" and hiking to "Las Grietas," a geological formation unique to volcanic islands where you can swim in the cool, transparent water and jump from the rock edges.
Afternoon: Visit to the mountainside of Santa Cruz Island to observe the Galápagos tortoises in their natural habitat. Afterwards there is hiking through lava tunnels, a geological formation.


3rd Day


Visit to the "Gemelos" or "Twins," a geological formation of breathtaking scenery. Endemic flora and fauna can be appreciated throughout this short hike. Finally, transfer to the Baltra Island Airport.



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