Mr. Roberto Haro and wife Gianna

GALAPAGOS AQUATOURS is an Ecuadorian family-owned company that was created in 1996 by the experienced Naturalist Guide III and Dive Master Roberto Haro. With many years of experience, training, and love for the Islands, Roberto Haro has made GALAPAGOS AQUATOURS one of the most prestigious and well-known companies of the Archipelago. The company’s dedication to aquatic, terrestrial, daily and multi-day tours provides you with your own island experience.

Roberto and his family have lived on the Galápagos Islands since the 1980's. He and his family have focused on a service-oriented company, cozy environment, and welcoming and friendly service. They speak English, Spanish and Italian, and are well travelled with unique in-depth knowledge of the Islands. As a family of surfers and divers, they are always eager to be outdoors and show you a good time.

They also built the first ice cream shop on the Islands located at Charles Darwin Avenue in Santa Cruz Island, and next to it is the Galápagos Aquatours office where you can see the fisherman's pier and spot sea lions, pelicans, and iguanas at the beautiful Pelican Bay.

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