The bay tour, also known in Spanish as "Tour de Bahía", is a must in the Galápagos. This is tour combines snorkeling, hiking, learning about the islands and relaxing. We specialize in the Santa Cruz Island Bay Tour. However, Bay Tours on other islands such as Isabela and San Cristóbal are also available through our company. On board the Aqua View you can explore several spots of Santa Cruz Island in a period of 4 hours. During the tour you are accompanied by a Naturalist Guide that will explain the secrets of the Galápagos flora and fauna. We take you to fascinating spots like the "Lobería" and "Las Grietas" where you will snorkel, hike, and learn about the Islands.

The Aqua View is the preferred boat of choice for this tour in Santa Cruz. This is because of its great reputation, welcoming environment, and the willingness of the captains and crew to provide a world class service. Moreover, the Aqua View, is the only boat in the Archipelago that has a glass bottom. You will be able to see the Galápagos underwater world without even leaving the boat!

The Bay Tour on board the Aqua View include:

  • Snaks

  • Snorkel and mask. Fins (Only under request)

  • Life vests

  • Towel service

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On board the AQUA VIEW "The Glass Bottom Boat"​


The Glass Bottom Boat

Aqua View "The Glass Bottom Boat"

The Santa Cruz bay tour departs from this dock

Great Blue Heron

Galapagos marine iguana


Tintorera Channel, one of the Bay Tour destinations on board the Aqua View